Video: Best look yet at CBR250RR – in detail


Well, we’ve been sent a link to this video of the new CBR250RR which was launched on Monday.

This time the video has been made outside, not in a dark hall where the launch happened, so you can really see the details of the quarter-litre sportsbike.


The video is made by the guys at otomotif, so it’s made for the Indonesian market, but you know what – it doesn’t matter that it’s not in english. You get to see loads of detail in the video including the bike’s trick LED double-stack headlights, the sweet dash, the exhausts and everything else.

It’s a cool way to see all over the bike. Stick with it and enjoy the most detailed look yet at the next generation of hoon machine from Honda.

Oh, and of course this is what the next-gen Super Blade will look like. We’ve been telling you about this bike for over a year now… you knew that… and that dash on this bike? Why do you think it’s designed with the searchlight etc already there? Yep, for the Super Blade… OK, let’s get on with the video.


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