Check out this gorgeous image of the 2017 Yamaha R6 that’s been sent to us from sources in Japan.


This comes to us from the same source that was the first to reveal the piggyback exhaust ends on the Honda CBR250RR. Our source had that information absolutely spot on – and now they have come up with this. Here is what THAT source says the next generation of Yamaha R6 WILL look like.


Things to note about this bike is that the front of the fairing is radical with its CFD winglets protruding from the nose, the secondary bank of LED bar lights sitting like eyes above the mini-searchlight round headlights that sit like nostrils on either side of the R1-esque air intake scoop and the R1-style vents in the front of the petrol tank cover.


The current bike (pictured above) makes 123bhp @ 14,500rpm. The new bike, according to our Japanese friends, is going to clear 130bhp at around the same redline. Compression ratio of 13.1:1 is likely to stay the same and the motor is going to stay at 600cc.


The seat unit is coming in for some Aprilia-esque styling (the pillion pegs look very much like an after throught) but it’s with the fairing where the biggest, most obvious changes have happened. The sides of fairing are split into various winged elements (one off the shoulders of the main fairing, the other will sit just behind the radiator and the third is at the bottom section of the fairing in a similar style to the CBR250RR’s.


Tony Carter

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