Honda has been busy over the past couple of days with two sets of patents granted that point to things on the way, one pretty big and the other a tweak (but one that you’ll be interested in if you like the Africa Twin).

First up, it’s the latest on the three-wheeled Neowing (above).


The Neowing was first shown officially as a concept last September and back then Honda outlined the bike as being a hybrid that combines a horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder engine running alongside electric motors to generate loads of low-down and mid-range torque with a still-strong top-end.

Whilst many dismissed the bike as some sort of designer-base fantasy it’s clear thanks to the latest drawings that there’s a tonne of real-world tech coming along to improve handling on the 421kg behemoth. From the patents filed (updated and the freshest designs for the bike, these hugely intricate drawings are granted yesterday – August 15) it’s clear that the production version of the leaning-wheel double front-ender will not only look like the concept model but will also use a very complex layout for the front suspension.

Here’s the drawings – good luck trying to make head or tail or this lot.


Neo Wing 03

Neo Wing 02

Neo Wing 01



Meanwhile, Honda’s patent department has ALSO dropped this (below) into global registry for an adjustable screen on and upcoming version of the Africa Twin. The current bike’s screen is non-adjustable and that’s something that has come in for negative comments from owners (there are various after-market options, some of which are adjustable) so this looks like being a version of the screen that can move in order to address the wind-buffeting issues from the first-wave of the AT. Expect cruise control on the next wave of ATs too.

Africa Twin 03

Africa Twin 01

Africa Twin 02


Tony Carter

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