How many motorcycles in a major city is too many motorcycles in a major city? In excess of 7 million is the answer – if you were wondering.

And after hitting this projected number one massive city in the world is looking into a plan to ban motorcycles from its road completely.


Moves are afoot by Nguyem Duc Chung who is the Chairman of the People’s Committee to stop motorcycles entering the city boundaries altogether from 2025.

At the moment Hanoi has 4.9 million motorcycles registered for use in the city with that number projected to rise to more than 7 million by 2020. It is argued by the authorities, according to a report on MasMoto, that by banning motorcycles it would force locals to switch from two wheels to public transport which would – in turn – actually reduce congestion.

We can’t see how that could happen given that 120 people sitting on a slow bus caught in traffic is nowhere near as quick in the flow of heavy traffic as 120 small bikes nipping through the prime-time heavy stuff, but if this ploy does go ahead it’s going to set some precedence for cities to ban motorcycles instead of promoting them as an alternative to the growing congestion problem.



Tony Carter

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