We’ve been banging on about the next-generation of small bikes that are being developed by the big factories and here’s the latest spy shot of the Suzuki mini-GSX-R out on test wearing full camo-colours.

The bike is registered on the donor licence plate as a 150 but what this actually is (in the bigger scheme of things) is the bike that will spawn the 250 and 300cc versions of the motorcycle for European and emerging markets.



That means that the bodywork and chassis details that we can see here (as far as we can see them, that is) will remain the same but things like wheels and chassis components may upgrade as the development continues.

One aspect of the bike that is clearly visible is the piggyback silencer – which points to the motorcycle being Euro4 compliant. This would mean that the bike is definitely heading towards European markets. Where the recently-revealed CBR250RR had its piggyback silencers proudly on show though, the Suzuki (for now) has the double-unit covered in an outer shroud. We’ve posted a picture of the CBR250RR, so that you can see those exhausts, below.



Some outlets have claimed that shots of the current ‘Gixxer’ parked up in a retail unit are the next generation bike but this is the actual bike and from these images you can see how racey and raked the fairing is to ape it’s bigger capacity siblings. It’s a long way off final-run testing on the road but from what it visible here, the mini-GSX-R is getting close to a production run.

Expect the bike to be included in the 2017 range for Suzuki.



Tony Carter

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