Helmet maker AGV has shown its next generation helmet – the Pista GP.

The helmet is the first to feature a hydration channel, basically a route for a tube to be run from the specially-made Dainese leather suit with a camel pack mounted into the back hump. From there the drink tube travels through the helmet and sits in the chin bar with a one-way valve fitted.







AGV says that the new design also has better aerodynamics, venting and an improved field of view.



So far there’s no news if the hydration channel will make it to the mass market but it’s pretty clear that vents and the changes to the shell shape of the lid probably will.


The Pista GP gets:

  • +15° wider field of vision
  • 9% larger visor area
  • -6% lateral section aerodynamics, -3% front section
  • -44% z-lift (force of helmet lifting because of aerodynamic forces)
  • 193% more ventilation area
  • 48% less HIC index standard (Head Injury Criterion)
  • 36% less g-force transmitted to the head (compared to the ECE regulation)
  • 71% smaller visor movement area (area devoted to visor movement)
  • 3.3mm visor thickness

“I consider the PistaGP helmet a tribute to Gino Amisano, an entrepreneur I admired for his ability to innovate, the records he achieved, and the competitive spirit with which he faced every challenge,” said Lino Dainese President of Dainese and AGV. “The new helmet is part of the AGV Standards project, which, in line with the qualities established by Amisano, revolutionises the way helmets are designed, setting new records for protection and ergonomics that are clearly evident. The next generation helmets arising from this project are intended to place AGV, once again, in a leading market position with its technology.”

Tony Carter

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