BMW concept motorcycle looks more like a weird fish than a superbike


This is the Titan – a futuristic superbike based around a BMW that looks like the offspring of Batman’s Batpod and a dustpan and brush following a boozy one-night-stand.

Turkish designer, Mehmet Erdem, has created several BMW motorcycle concepts in the past but this latest version of what Erdem thinks about the future of two wheels looks pretty dim to those of us who like corners. Or comfort. Or interactivity with a motorcycle.



The front wheel and lean angle seem to have been sacrificed in favour of huge air-intakes and venting gills in the side and the handlebars have gone for a push-pull turning layout instead.

Dear BMW, don’t do this sort of thing, please. Stick to the cool bikes that handle and can be leant over. Cheers. This is just silly.






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