BMW’s C-Evo scooter is getting some major work for 2017 – mostly centred around the three biggest problems that have dogged the big plug-in scoot so far; speed, battery and range.

Two versions of the super scoot have been shown at the Paris show. The C now comes in a 125cc equivalent (11kW version which is headed for Europe only) and a more powerful (called Long Range) option which is going to able to max out at an electronically-limited 80mph top whack (previously the top speed was 74) . The 125cc-version will be maxxed out at 74mph. Price is likely to stay around the £13,000 marque.



The battery is apparently going to take less time to charge from empty to full and on that full-on charge the small scooter version will still be able to do about 60 miles of riding whilst the Long Range option will be good for 100 miles (160 km).





Tony Carter

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