Honda Fireblade 2017: USA source says cheaper, ‘basic’ version of the new superbike is on the way.


There’s going to be a cheaper, lower-spec Honda Fireblade launched at the Milan motorcycle show next month.


That’s the claim being made by American website Asphalt and Rubber which attributes the information coming from American Honda.

According to A&R, the third model in the Fireblade 2017 line-up is likely to keep the same basic engine platform (190bhp inline-four etc) but the more pricey options like semi-active suspension from Ohlins, titanium exhaust and titanium fuel tank are lined-up to be dropped in order to save cash.

The site also goes on to say that things like electronics are likely to stay the same on the cheaper version of the bike.


There’s been no official comment on the third model of the bike via any Honda European outlets but if this information is accurate then the Fireblade is going to add a very affordable version of the top-flight superbike to its range next month.



Tony Carter

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