Yamaha launches 2017 X-MAX 300 super scooter.

Yamaha has just launched this – it’s new X-MAX 300 scooter. Billed by the Japanese factory as a sport scooter, the city (which is based on the popular X-MAX 250) machine gets Yamaha’s Blue Core tech and a new keyless system.

We’ve got all the words from Yamaha below for you – a price is going to announced at Motorcycle Live next month. Here’s what Yamaha itself has to say about the small bike:



The dynamic line-up of MAX models – ranging from 125cc to 530cc – accounts for over half of Yamaha’s scooter sales in Europe, and has played a major part in enabling the company to maintain its position as the leading manufacturer of premium models in the scooter market.
Yamaha has been the dominant force in the sport scooter segment ever since the original TMAX created the whole maxi-scooter movement. This trend-setting best seller has had a major influence on scooter design and technology for over 15 years, and is the flagship model for the MAX family.
The TMAX’s dynamic DNA has played a significant part in shaping the looks, character and performance of the new X-MAX 300. Featuring a higher specification and a sportier design, this all-new premium model takes over from the highly successful X-MAX 250 that has achieved over 130,000 sales in its 11-year history.





Desire what you need
The new X-MAX 300 is ready to make sport scootering even more desirable and exciting to a wider audience. This completely new model is equipped with a new generation 300cc engine that features the very latest Yamaha Blue Core technology, enabling it to deliver higher performance together with increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.
Its sophisticated new chassis design delivers motorcycle levels of sports handling performance – and the distinctive TMAX influenced styling with its twin-eye LED headlights and a central high beam light makes this one of the most dynamic looking sport scooters we’ve ever built.
But we haven’t forgotten that riders desire practicality as well as excitement, and with its increased storage space for 2 full-face helmets and additional items – as well as a 12V adaptor and the new keyless system – the X-MAX 300 is ready for the 9-5 routine.



Powerful and efficient new 300cc Blue Core engine
The X-MAX’s new 300cc engine has been designed using Yamaha’s next generation Blue Core technology, whose fundamental aim is to achieve more power using less fuel. By analysing every aspect of the new 4-stroke engine’s operation, Yamaha engineers have been able to reduce power losses as well as increase fuel efficiency and achieve higher levels of performance.
To achieve these goals the new 300cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve X-MAX engine features a range of Blue Core inspired power-boosting technologies, including optimised valve shape and timing, as well as a compact hemispherical combustion chamber with a high compression ratio.
An offset cylinder design helps to minimise mechanical losses – and for increased cooling efficiency a DiASil cylinder is used with an oil jet piston cooler. There’s also a specially designed forced air-cooling fan that helps to ensure more consistent engine running.
The new 300cc engine is EU4 compliant, and delivers better acceleration and a higher top speed than the previous 250cc design, together with lower fuel consumption and a smoother and more refined ride.



Optimised fuel injection settings
In order to ensure that the X-MAX 300 delivers class-leading acceleration together with excellent fuel economy and good environmental performance, a newly designed fuel injection system is fitted.
The positioning and angle of the 12-hole injector have been optimised to spray atomised fuel particles towards the back of the valve head, and the shape of the combustion chamber and intake port is designed to create a good tumble motion for quick and efficient combustion that gives stronger low to mid speed torque. To ensure good acceleration together with excellent rideability and good fuel efficiency, real time 3D mapping precisely controls the fuel volume and the ignition timing.

Dynamic MAX design
There is absolutely no doubt that the iconic TMAX is the most influential trend-setting scooter of all time – and perhaps even one of the most significant powered two wheelers ever made by Yamaha.
This iconic MAX family flagship has inspired the design of the new X-MAX 300, and whichever way you look at it, the dynamic MAX family DNA is unmistakable.
The all-new face of the X-MAX 300 features dual slanted LED headlights with a new central light that gives this sport scooter a strong and purposeful appearance and underline the model’s close family links with the TMAX. Running either side of the central tunnel, the characteristic ‘MAX family’ boomerang provides a strong visual link between the front and rear wheels – while the sharply upswept lines of the rear bodywork and taillight section emphasise the strong influence of the pure TMAX DNA.
The design of the new instruments has also been inspired by the TMAX, and features stylish round analogue speedometer and tachometer dials sitting in sports car style pods – while a high-tech central multi-function display underlines the premium feel and specification of this sporty new 300.
Featuring high quality components as well as beautifully finished painted parts, the high specification cockpit confirms beyond any doubt that the X-MAX 300 is in a class of its own in terms of design, quality and pride of ownership.

All new chassis with motorcycle type forks
The TMAX was the first high performance maxi scooter to use motorcycle style front forks, and for 2017 the new X-MAX 300 adopts the same layout. The all-new frame is equipped with a double clamp telescopic fork and twin rear shocks to ensure sporty motorcycle-like handling, together with improved surface feedback and good high-speed stability.

Traction Control System (TCS)
The fitment of a Traction Control System (TCS) as standard underlines the advanced specification of this new Sport Scooter. Using a number of sensors that temporarily reduce drive to the rear wheel when any loss of traction is detected, this electronic system provides rider confidence in wet or slippery conditions.  

‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition
The very latest technology is being used in the construction of the new premium specification X-MAX 300, including a Smart Key keyless ignition. Not only does it mean you don’t have to waste time trying to find which pocket you’ve put your keys in – this convenient new system also shows how Yamaha’s newest sport scooter is leading the way in terms of design and technology.

Full LED triple headlights and new LED taillight
The X-MAX 300’s high-tech looks have been shaped by the DNA from the top of the range TMAX, and the dynamic full LED twin-eye headlights give this sport scooter a modern and distinguished new face that gets noticed wherever you go. Both headlights are illuminated on low beam, and the third central light also comes on when the high beam is switched on, giving the X-MAX 300 a unique appearance.
The full LED headlights and LED position lights offers a number of advantages, including increased brilliance with reduced electrical consumption – and they also project a stylish and contemporary look that underlines the X-MAX 300’s premium quality and cutting edge technology.
At the rear end the wraparound taillight also features LED bulbs as well as a new LED guide light, making the X-MAX 300 highly visible to other road users, day and night.


Storage space for 2 full-face helmets – or a laptop plus more
X-MAX 300 riders can be sure that this premium sport scooter has also been designed to offer the highest levels of day-to-day functionality. Beneath the new dual seat is one of the largest storage compartments in its class, capable of holding 2 full-face helmets and more. Its extra wide dimensions can also accommodate a laptop, making this an ideal weekday commuter as well as an exciting weekend leisure vehicle.

Multi-function instruments with switch control & 12V outlet
The new instrument panel features an analogue speedometer and tachometer giving clear and easy to understand information, and the central LCD multi-function display is larger than the previous model – making all information easy to see.
For easier operation there’s a control switch on the handlebars that allows you to switch between functions while riding, without taking your hand off the handlebars – and to charge or power various devices, the X-MAX 300 is equipped with a convenient 12V outlet located in the left glovebox.

Large wheels for sports handling
The X-MAX 300’s new chassis has been developed to give a sportier ride together with lightweight agility. The choice of wheel and tyre sizes play a significant part in shaping any scooter’s handling characteristics and in order to achieve dynamic sports performance together with easy manoeuvrability in town, this new 300 is equipped with a 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear.  Braking power is supplied by a 267mm front disc and a 240mm rear disc, and ABS is fitted as standard.

X-MAX 300 Key Features
Powerful and efficient new 300cc Blue Core engine
New TMAX inspired chassis and sporty riding position
Premium quality and high-class finish
Dynamic MAX family DNA
Motorcycle style dual clamp front forks
Traction Control System (TCS)
‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system
15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear for good stability
Twin-eye LED headlights with third LED high beam light
LED front position lights
LED taillight with guide light
Iconic MAX family boomerang bodywork design
Huge underseat storage compartment for two full-face helmets and more
Multi-function LCD instruments with handlebar mounted control
12V outlet for powering/charging devices

Genuine Accessories line up
Yamaha offer a wide range of Genuine Accessories for the 2017 X-MAX 300, enabling owners to make it their own. The full accessory line up will be available when the X-MAX 300 arrives in Yamaha dealer showrooms. Following the new model’s launch, customers will be able to use the My Garage app to build and view their ultimate virtual X-MAX 300 using a tablet or smartphone.

Lunar Grey
Milky White
Quasar Bronze

March 2017

Tony Carter

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