Pizza wheelie crasher kid gets the sack AND police could prosecute for scooter slip.


Last month we brought you the video footage of a Domino’s pizza delivery scooter rider losing control of a wheelie and dumping both bike and food in the middle of a Clapham street.



Well now, four weeks after the footage was first on MoreBikes and then went viral, the rider Alex Stevens, 18 (above) has been fired from his fast food job – but he’s blaming the pizza company’s television ADVERT for giving him the inspiration to pop more than a slice during his delivery.

He is also facing police prosecution for failing to control a vehicle.




Speaking to The Sun, Stevens said: “I never pulled any wheelies when I had pizzas on board – I didn’t want to ruin them.”


But rather than admit he was just pulling a wheelie for the hell of it, the teen has said that copying the famous telly promotion was his motivation for the move and he’s not alone. He added: “We all know the advert – and all the riders try to copy it. I was the best. I can go for miles. I pull wheelies everywhere. Police have caught me a couple of times and just ticked me off.


“I joined a rival company called Pizza Go-Go for a few months, but their bikes were harder to wheelie because they have a double box on the back, so went back to Domino’s.

“I had just delivered a pepperoni passion and a Fanta when I hoisted the wheel in the air for a couple of hundred yards at about 25mph.

“There was a dip in the road. I tried to avoid it but was too late and ended up on the side. The bike’s number plate was smashed.

“I hurt my leg as well as my pride – it was the first time I had ever come off.

“Then I saw this group of guys outside a motorbike shop bent double laughing. An hour later it was on Youtube.

“The office knew straight away because there are sensors on the bikes to let them know if one crashes. I tried to deny it. I have certainly learned my lesson – there will be no more wheelies for me.”

A Domino’s spokesman said: “The safety of the public and our colleagues is of paramount importance and this behaviour was clearly wholly unacceptable. Domino’s requires its drivers to drive responsibly at all times and at no point would we encourage or condone reckless driving.

“Following the incident Mr Stevens was invited to attend a disciplinary meeting the following day, but failed to attend, so his contract was terminated with immediate effect.”

Tony Carter

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