Video: The moment a biker chooses launching off a 40ft drop instead of a head-on with a car… onboard footage (he’s OK)

Holy moly! Check out this video as a timely reminder to go for the corner if you commit to it (or, slow down a bit if you haven’t got the skills). Either way, every time we see this footage it makes us go a bit sicky inside.

The video isn’t new but it’s still worth watching.






It’s a bit on onboard footage taken from a helmet cam.

The rider is out for a pretty standard ride and gives his Kawasaki ZX-6R a bit of lick before very quickly finding himself in all sorts of trouble before taking the ‘off-the-side-of-a-40ft-hill’ option instead of becoming intimate with the front of a Honda.

We bet you watch it twice. The action proper starts at 2:13 in. If you haven’t seen this film before then we reckon it’ll get a swear word or two out of you.

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