Chinese police punish drivers using full beam by forcing them to stare into cop car’s lights (on full beam). Yep.


This sounds like something we could use over here. Numpties caught driving around with their car lights on full beam in China are being pulled over and then made to sit in front of a cop car with its light on full whack. For a full minute.


Along with a fine of around £30 the drivers have to sit directly in front of the car and stare at them for 60 seconds. Pics of bad lads being forced to do this by the rozzers were put on the Shenzhen Traffoc cop’s official Weibo account.

The post also said: “Tonight we are carrying out punishments using high beam.”

It’s not the first time that the cops have done this though, back in 2014 they carried out the same punishment but back then they forced drivers to sit in the full glare of the lights for FIVE minutes.


With the nights long at this time of year and the average car idiot finding it too difficult to drop their full beam we could do with this over here – might get the message across that full beam is a dumb thing to do, donchathink?

Tony Carter

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