Video: Rossi does a ‘Marquez’ kick on woman in paddock.

Well… maybe not quite a Marquez-style kick, but it did shift her out of the way.


This happened at the Valencia GP at the weekend. Here’s what Valentino himself said about it: “I apologize to the lady and I hope she’s all right.

“But in the paddock life has become impossible. When I leave the motorhome there is always people who will jump in front of the scooter to try to grab my hat or take a photo.

“I accelerated the scooter out of the crowd and with all the people there I also had a fear of falling off the scooter. It happens here in Valencia but also elsewhere where we work and this is a problem.


“There is the enthusiasm of the fans which is nice but it is also difficult – sometimes I have to dodge slaps and people pushing in front of me.

“Perhaps we need a solution to this.”

It’s nice to know that it’s the same for punters in the paddock as it is for Marquez – get in his way and the foot comes out a bit… but the bigger concern here is that Rossi’s comments might just have some serious impact on the access (as far as it goes at the moment) to MotoGP paddocks and other areas of the future.


What do you reckon?

Tony Carter

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