Rossi ‘kick’ video UPDATE: Now fan who got ‘The Marquez Jab’ threatens to press charges against Valentino!

We brought you the video of Valentino Rossi ‘enthusiastically’ finding a way past a MotoGP fan in the Valencia paddock – and this morning it has emerged that the fan who felt the full force of the impact with the superstar is considering taking matters much further.


Fan Ana Cabanillas Vasquez was interviewed on Spanish radio station COPE after the footage (above) appeared showing the moment she stepped back into the path of Rossi as he rode through the paddock at the final round of the MotoGP year at the weekend. She told the radio station that she would have accepted Rossi’s apology made later if she thought it: “Had been an accident.

“I was taking pictures with some friends and I did not know where the hit came from. When I looked I saw that it was Valentino Rossi. It hurt me and at first I thought it was an accident and had been done unintentionally.

“But after watching videos of what happened I saw that there was the nudge and then a kick on purpose. I have a bruise on my leg and I intend to report this to the authorities.


“If it has not been intentional then I would not have said anything about it but it was done to me intentionally. Even if he has apologised I do not accept his apology.

“I have realised that what happened to me is like what happened to Marc Marquez. I am a fan of Marquez and I go to the races every year, nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

“Today I messaged Marquez saying: ‘We have something in common now because I’ve also been kicked by Valentino Rossi!'”



Cabanillas Vasquez appeared to be about to take a selfie with her phone on a selfie stick and took a step back. Rossi, with a member of his team on the back of the scooter, first clips the woman with his scooter’s left handlebar and then appears to kick out with his left leg in an effort to move her out of the way.

Speaking after the incident, Rossi said: “I apologize to the lady and I hope she’s all right.

“But in the paddock life has become impossible. When I leave the motorhome there is always people who will jump in front of the scooter to try to grab my hat or take a photo.

“I accelerated the scooter out of the crowd and with all the people there I also had a fear of falling off the scooter. It happens here in Valencia but also elsewhere where we work and this is a problem.

“There is the enthusiasm of the fans which is nice but it is also difficult – sometimes I have to dodge slaps and people pushing in front of me. Perhaps we need a solution to this.”






Tony Carter

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