You take a BMW R1200R and add a German artist, industrial design house and the Wunderlich boys and you get… this.





We like this. It is both funky and interesting. It’s not going to be a bike you see on the road, it’s one of those design things that a bunch of creatives make from time to time – but there’s no getting away from the fact that this kicks the Boxer twin into the next phase of biking possibilities.

Ok, maybe that’s taking this a bit far but it’s now more far-fetched a premise than other flights of fancy being touted as the next big things at the moment. What we have here is the Digimoto concept BMW R1200R.




Designed in virtual reality (and loads of other pointless bits of design faff that we care little about) the bike takes the BMW lump and dresses it in a very minimalist all-metal bodywork that is topped off with a seat-shelf that looks as comfortable as a hot tin tray. That rear light set-up which is the entire pillion-bubble bit and lights up the whole of the back end of the seat when you brake is really, really cool though.




Aside from what you can see – we do like the look of the aero effect fork surrounds – the bike is not outwardly fantasy based. There’s conventional brakes, suspension and motor and while the dash sits on top of the raised up tank shoulders it would be a bike that most of us could just get on and ride without having to worry about what goes where.



The design was put together by German designer Zanzotti, after-market BMW specialist Wunderlich and industrial design house GRAYDEV.

What do you reckon to this? Are there any bits here that you’d like to see in real bikes of the near future? Those wheels look bloody good, don’t they?



Tony Carter

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