It’s ages since we first brought you this video – but we’ve just watched it again and reckon that it’s time for the joy that is this bit of footage to be seen again. Originally we published this in November 2016 – yeah – but it’s worth looking at again. It’ll make you laugh. Promise.

In the video a biker gets cut up (a bit) by a car pulling out of a garage. The car driver has left his wallet on top of his car and it falls off. The rider stops and picks the wallet up then heads off after the car driver.


As he pulls level with the car driver the dumb nugget driving thinks its fine to give the rider the finger and tell him to f*** off.

The biker continues and shows the driver his wallet. Driver then pulls over to get his wallet from the rider saying: “Thank you so much, bruv”.

Then watch what happens. We’re not going to spoil the video for you – but trust us on this, it’s well worth the pay off at the end.


What is it they say about karma being a b****? Certainly is if you’re a car d*** with an iphone…. excellent work, our biking friend.


Tony Carter

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