Meet the 2017 Honda you might not know about (yet) – it’s the FACTORY kitted CR450 Supermoto! Wibble… etc…


Here’s the 2017 Honda you’ve probably not heard of yet – but we reckon that you, like us, would really, really like to have a ride on it just to see how mad things can get on the grey stuff.


That’s because this is a factory-kitted CRF450, the 2017 model, that is being turned into a full-on, madder-than-a-bucket-of-spiders road legal Supermoto by Honda. Yep, this is the FACTORY Honda supermoto that you can buy.





If you’re French.

That’s because the kit is only available to the French market right now and there’s no news about it going out to any other country. Which is a shame and all that, but at least with the internet and Paypal it’s not a big problem to buy the kit yourself.





The good news is that there are three versions of the bike available. The CRF-R is the top-notch-nutter motocrosser dressed in supermoto kit with the wheels and rubber you see in the pictures, the CRF-RX and CRF-RXC are lesser-spec bikes with engine mods to make it a bit less manic mid-range but with some more top-end. The CRF-R also gets a 6.3 litre fuel tank whilst the RX and RXC versions have a 7.3 litre option. All three bikes get an electric starter.



If you want one (and why wouldn’t you… look at it!) then the supermoto version of the 2017 bike, still with the 449cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled four-stroke motor and wet weight of 110kg, in R trim will cost you 11,299 Euro whilst the RX and RXC are going for 10,999 Euro each. Check it out at Euroboost in that there France.


Tony Carter

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