Video: AMAZING self balancing Honda REVEALED at Las Vegas tech show – check this out! It’ll blow your mind!

We’re loving this from Honda – a self balancing prototype that’s just been unveiled at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.


Honda isn’t saying when (or indeed, if) this ‘Riding Assist’ will be seen on production bikes, but we think it can’t be long before we’re all enjoying this sort of techy smart-arsery at junctions.

The self balance system might seem old hat given the recent BMW concept we brought you first last month, but where this Honda’s set-up is much different to the German way is that the Japanese version doesn’t use gyroscopes at all. Whereas the German idea relies upon the self-centering technology.


The way the Honda works is to self adjust the rake of the motorcycle, pushing out the front forks when the bike rolls up to a stop and then automatically rocking the front wheel from left to right to maintain balance.

Honda says that it has taken tech that it previously used in the UNI-CUB project (pictured below) to make this motorcycle option self balancing.


And as if that’s not all, check out the way the bike follows the Honda bod around in the video. Seriously, we want this. Anything that can make our Blade SP inch along behind us like a loyal dog while we go for a bag of chips and still be able to self balance at a junction is bang on the money.

Love this. What do you think?


Tony Carter

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