Sena invents the rangeless helmet intercom system. Stay in touch no matter how far you ride, as you ride.

We’re big fans of the Sena range of bluetooth equipment (we use Sena gear to shoot all of our onboard footage on MoreBikes), so the latest news from Sena that it has now worked out a way for a virtually rangeless connection between biker’s bluetooth is very pleasing.


The tech centres around Sena’s new RideCinnected App which hooks up to the Sena bolt-on bluetooth unit.

The App looks after everything going between your helmet and your phone (we find that the quality is excellent) and it also uses your phone’s wifi connection to connect to whomever you want, using a similar Sena set-up.

So, in theory and providing that you have a decent wifi signal, you could be talking to anyone elsewhere in the world who has the same equipment. No more staying within a mile of your friends when you go riding. And if you want to, you could stay in touch with people back home if you go on a big foreign tour.


Good news.

Tony Carter

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