Video: VW Golf leaves learner nowhere to go – then does a runner!

WARNING: The video is NOT safe for work.


Do you know this VW Golf driver? If you do then do us all a favour and dob them in to the police, will you?

This video, uploaded to YouTube by Niall Goodwin (the rider wearing the helmet camera) shows a VW Golf trying to overtake three learner motorcyclists on the road.


As a truck carrying a trailer rounds the blind bend in the distance the Golf, on the wrong side of the road, slams on its brakes and pulls directly in front of the biker immediately ahead of Goodwin.


The biker has nowhere to go and slams into the back of the Golf. The car stops for a couple of seconds and then dashes off.

So Golf person doesn’t have the balls to stop and own up to what they’ve done. And their car’s numberplate is too dirty to be readable on film.

So, if you do know who this is then how about a nice bit of public pro-bike spirit for all of us on two wheels – and shop the git.


Tony Carter

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