Video: Here’s the plans for the British Vigo Electric motorcycle – 180mph, 400 mile range and £7,999!

This is the Vigo Electric Motorcycle, a concept bike that’s in development.

If the maker’s plans pan out then this UK-made hunk of electric-powered gorgeousness (and it’s a stunner, no issues) then the first bikes should be available for testing to meet regulations surrounding electric motorcycles in around nine months time.


On paper, the bike looks like an impressive prospect with the bike taking 7 to 12 hours for a full charge from an average UK household supply. According to the makers the battery would reach full charge in 20-30 minutes from a fast charge station.

The bike will have a claimed range of 400 miles from it’s 21kWh capacity battery, it’ll make 120bhp and boast a top speed of 180mph.


Vigo tips the scales at 160kg and will sell for £7,999 (there is a price of £5,999 specified for ‘Supporters’).

To find out more about Vigo, click HERE.






Tony Carter

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