Video: Chasing the Finnish Ghostrider… it’s a crazy-ass video that is either great fun or the next Mission Impossible trailer… Watch this!




OK, this is a long one, but worth it.

It’s a Finnish traffic cop, going after a biker with a pillion. It’s proper looney tunes stuff.

It’s a long one, so here’s the timecodes highlights for you, but we reckon this is worth a long watch if you spare the time:


The chase begins at the 8:40 mark. For a while, it appears to be a run of the mill high-speed motorcycle police chase. Then you notice that the rider’s carrying a passenger.

At 15:06 the cop nearly crashes into the biker when they get into traffic.

Then there’s 11 full-on minutes of manic chasing.


At 27.46 the biker drops it on a dirt track and he’s on his heels.  At 28.45 the cop’s bike has a little no-sidestand moment.



Tony Carter

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