Your helmet will talk directly to your bike, your bike will give you direct access to all sorts of live information on the inside of your visor as you ride. And this stuff doesn’t seem like pie in that there sky…

American news outlet Business Wire is reporting a big tie-up between heads-up display company NUVIZ and Pierer Industrie, the parent company of KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles.


Whilst this might not seem too interesting right now, what it could mean is a very real direct Heads Up Display (HUD) link up between KTM and Husqvarnas and a brand-specific helmet system in the near future.

Indeed, Nuviz itself says that it is planning to bring a motorcycle specific HUD system to the market in the first half of 2017.


Reports in the USA say that Pierer Industrie has invested $5 million in the tech firm which is based in San Diego.

The Nuviz system projects information directly to the rider’s field of view which includes the usual video and photo abilities, music, phone calls etc but also works as a GPS locator for Sat Nav and can also feed directly into social media too.


“This strategic investment is very exciting for Nuviz as it is a testament to our technology leadership in the HUD and connected riding space, and further emphasizes the demand and need for the user experiences we have set out to create,” said Malte Laass, Nuviz founder and chief strategy officer.

Tony Carter

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