Honda and Hitachi announce partnership company to build electric vehicles! Now, this electric stuff is seriously targeting mass markets.

Honda is teaming up with Hitachi to develop the next generation of electric motorcycles – and the agreement is being underwritten with a substantial £35 MILLION of what will be, effectively, start-up cash.


Both business yesterday signed what they called a “memorandum of understanding” which outlines that both are heavily getting into creating something electric (and, one would hope, serious) that we will be able to ride in the pretty near future.

Honda and Hitachi say that both want to get the deal squared away by March and that the new company will have set-ups in Japan, China and the USA (which, in turn, will see all three bases sell product and make the bikes).

Whilst this may be the boost the plans need to get the gorgeous Honda RC-E concept (above) off the ground, we suspect that initially the new tech will focus mostly on cars. It’s a small step from there to bikes though, and let’s face it, we all want to see a pukka Honda electric superbike.



Tony Carter

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