All hail the King of the Stuntmen (yeah, he was) and marvel in the big-jump glow of the man’s big collar jump suit and super-cool cane.

If you’re an Evel Knievel fan then it’s time to raid the piggybank because the world’s most famous stunt man’s most famous bits of personal kit are on auction right now.


Yeah, Knievel’s iconic 1972 jump suit (this was the suit that he first appeared in with the famous ‘V’ line of stars on his chest instead of the previous ‘X’, the white leather and the oversized collar and cuffs plus the zip-in flares) and his diamond-topped, gold-detailed walking cane with secret compartment for carrying liquor (usually Wild Turkey in Knievel’s case) are now on sale.


At the time that we’re posting this article, there’s a bit over 16 days left on the sale and the King of the Stuntmen’s suit is currently sitting at $30,000 (£23,898) with the cane at $17,000 (£13,542).

If you want to bid, or find out more about the auction by the Heritage Capital Corporation then click HERE.


We’ve put a video below from the USA in 1973 that explains a bit of what Evel had the cane for. It’s worth a watch.

Tony Carter

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