Here’s the FULL patents that show the upcoming Honda V4. Yeah, side on drawings of the COMPLETE bike. For real. From Honda’s design department. Right here. And we’re showing you these again just in case you missed them when we showed the world these, first.

Fancy seeing a SECOND set of secret Honda official designs for the upcoming V4 Superbike? Well, you are in for a treat then because we’ve got even more on the next-gen sports roadster from the big H.


Those designs, hidden away in a file name referring to footrest hangers instead of anything to do with a motorcycle, showed the bike in full with the V4 motor, low-slung fat exhaust and an active rear wing that took up most of the single seat unit’s bulk.

Now we’ve been sent these extra designs which show a bit more detail  in the seat unit including where the bike’s brake light will go and there’s more detail in how the air will flow out through the seat unit and under the wing.


In the image below you can see the new side-on view of the bike, what’s different in this image to what we’ve already shown you is featured in numbers 41 and 50. 40 (in the red circle) shows the tail light unit and 50 (in the blue circle) is what Honda calls the ‘straightening plate’ which is attached under the seat.

The ‘straightening plate’ is fitted to the underside of the seat unit and, in the description for the design, it’s referred to as a heat shield which helps to divert hot air directly from the engine out of the back of the bike. The term used to describe the plate actually is ‘heat shield’, which seems a bit extreme given that it’s so far away from the exhaust and engine – but that’s what it’s been labelled with.


Here’s a better, more recent design from this latest raft of patents (below) that shows the plate in isolation and where it fits onto the bottom of the seat unit:

You might also have noticed that there’s two big bits cut out of the plate roughly halfway along the single-piece of (we’re guessing here) metal and that these sit between smaller slats also left open on the side of the bodywork. These four underside gaps are all part of the airflow system for the bike to get rid of the heat that’s built-up by the V4 as it works.

As this illustration (below) shows the hot air exits through four routes that sit lower down under the seat whilst this drawing also shows, in more detail, how the airflow running into the top of the seat’s ‘wing’ is split through four outlets, too.

As part of this batch of designs, this one (below) also shows where the V4’s tail light sits (item 41) with some added detail into the strengthened wing sections and ‘straightening plate’ which are denoted by the thick black and white diagonal cross-hatching.

Tony Carter

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