Check out this great deal on something we really like, the expanding top box from Shad. The price has just been dropped to a few pence over £255 (down from £319.99).


The SH58X is the solution for those who want a top case for more than one purpose, but don’t want the expense or hassle of buying additional luggage.


Open the lid and there are a couple of small levers inside that you use to unlock the extending part of the case and reset it into one of three positions.
It allows the SH58X top case to be expanded from 46 litres, to 52 litres and up to a maximum of 58 litres of capacity. In fact if you go for the SH59X option with alternative lid, there is an extra litre to be had, too!

So if your daily commute requires just a basic amount of storage, you can ride with the more compact box on the back of your bike.
Come the weekend and it takes just seconds to expand the case to accommodate the extra luggage you’ll need for a few days away from home.


As with all Shad top boxes a fitting plate is included which allows you to mount the box onto an existing carrier/rack, the construction is robust, the design aesthetically appealing, and when purchased from an official UK dealer (see it comes complete with the UK backed TWO-YEAR WARRANTY.

L – In its most compact mode (L), this case has a volume of 46L.


XL – In the second level (XL) it reaches 52L.

XXL – Finally, when the case its completely expanded (XXL), the volume reaches the 58L maximum for the SH58X and 59L for the SH59X models.


Tony Carter

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