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Force V4 NC30 project bike with GP-T bodywork

Force V4………..the new TYGA VFR400R NC30 project bike with the new GP-T bodywork fitted.This modern fairing and seat cowl are designed in-house by TYGA Performance, is the culmination of 15 years of experience developing bodywork for the NC30 and NC35 As well as bringing the NC30 and NC35 up to date, it also offers a useful weight saving and easy fitment and removal. The kit is supplied with all mounting hardware including carbon fiber side stays and aluminium upper and front stays.NC30http://tyga-performance.com/site/index.php?cPath=72_1036_83_148_512NC35http://tyga-performance.com/site/index.php?cPath=72_1036_84_157_513

Opublikowany przez TYGA Performance Niedziela, 5 marca 2017


Check out this gorgeous bodykit from Thai company Tyga that brings the iconic Honda VFR400 NC30 and NC35 right up to date. There’s a video (above) of this kit for you to look at too – just hit the play button right above these words.


The kit comes in two types, GRP and Carbon – the fairings are one-piece units and come fitted with the aggressive looking LED lights.

There’s also an entire seat unit with its own subframe and road-legal lights and numberplate holder, available also in GRP and carbon options.


Here’s the prices:

NC30 Fairing, carbon: £890.02


NC35 Fairing, carbon: £915.02

NC30 Fairing, GRP: £488.73

NC35 Fairing, GRP: £495.27

NC30 Seat unit, carbon: £907.77

NC30 Seat unit, GRP: £508.10

NC35 Seat unit, carbon: £917.21

NC35 Seat unit, GRP: £499.51


Tony Carter

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