If you’ve been anywhere near social media over the last few days, you might have spotted some blurry photos of suspected new-look speed camera vans that have been doing the rounds. Initially we weren’t sure if they were legit, but a bit of digging has revealed they are.

It turns out that they’ve been introduced by Northumbria Police force, which reckons that the new look bright yellow and blue design, will help them stand out to drivers.


In an official statement the force said: “They’ve been introduced to make them more visible to road users. The vans are there to deter speeding and dangerous driving. We are not trying to catch people out; we’re here to keep people safe.”

As much as we want to believe that that the vans are simply a tool to deter speeding, the failure to announce their arrival in advance doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence. Plus, we reckon they look like British Gas vans, which again doesn’t make them any easier to identify.

What do you reckon? A waste of taxpayers money, a sneaky source of additional revenue or a valuable tool to help improve road safety?


Ross Mowbray

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