The TurnPoint is a Bluetooth-enabled GPS device that embeds into a specially made motorcycle glove, and connects to a smartphone app to provide turn-by-turn directions.


The brainchild of Lab Brothers, an Atlanta based technology start-up; the awesome little gadget uses a Bluetooth connection and LEDs to tell you which direction to go. Lab Brothers reckon that the whole process is really straightforward, and say the system has been designed so that users can digest information quickly and safely.


As you can see in the video (above), the Turnpoint features a small disc which is surrounded by 18 LED lights in addition to a range of distances. The dots light up corresponding to the distance remaining to the next turn, and when you approach the turn, which direction to go – in half-mile increments, from 0 to 4 miles.


The glove also has a fingertip control, which enables you to interact with the GPS device without taking your hands off the bars. If you touch your thumb and index finger, the device will indicate the distance to your next turn, and which direction to go.



TurnPoint is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and Lab Brothers have a goal of around $125,000 (just over £100,000) to reach. Backers will receive the TurnPoint Bluetooth device fitted into the Left glove, as well as a matching Right glove (minus the tech). At the minute, it’s only available on iOS, but Lab Brothers have said that if they exceed their funding goal, then they can get the ball rolling on an Android version too.



To check it out, and have a look at the rewards on offer if you support the project on Kickstarter – click HERE.

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