I’ve been wearing these boots pretty much non-stop since they landed on my desk. Although they may look like your normal fashion boot (and pretty nice ones at that), they offer all the protection you need when out on two wheels.

From a safety perspective, they are made of really tough leather – with D30 protection ensuring your ankle stays in one piece if you take a tumble. If you’ve not heard of D30 armour, then prepare to be impressed as this military grade tech stiffens on impact but remains flexible during day to day use. They also feature extra protection on the toe for wear, with a gear change pad ensuring you don’t simply tear through the boots. It’s also worth noting that initially they were pretty snug, but have stretched out a little (as you would expect of a sturdy leather boot) – but if your feet are a little wider than most, I’d encourage you to try some on for size before committing to a purchase.


They’re made from black leather that’s beautifully stitched together and they come with a sewn-in tongue and a Sympatex waterproof membrane, so these boots are more than capable of keeping your feet both comfortable and dry throughout the British ‘summertime’ (which is handy even if you’re not on your bike). I can vouch for their waterproofing, as I’ve worn these boots in some appalling conditions with which they coped admirably, keeping my feet bone dry.

My first wear of these boots involved a day walking around a bike show, and I have to confess, my feet were killing me within an hour. Thankfully, after a few more outings they’ve moulded to my feet and I now barely take them off.


I’m always reluctant to spend a huge amount of money on something that’s not versatile – I like versatility. The ability to wear these boots on and off the bike, and not look out of place in pretty much any setting is fantastic. They are perfect daily commuting boots and I would heartily recommend them.

Reviewed by: Ross Mowbray // RRP: £179.99 // Sizes: Mens UK 6 – 14 // Colours: Brown or Black // Info:

Tony Carter

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