These clever new smart gloves from SignalWear, automatically blink when you change lane or turn – to help you be more visible when out on two wheels.

If you ride a bike, you’re inevitably well aware of the risks and dangers facing you out on the road. And although there’s already a raft of existing safety equipment out there trying to minimise risk and mitigate damage – surely it can’t hurt to have another option.


“SignalWear’s Smart Signal Blinking Gloves automatically blink when you change lanes or turn, which is when most deadly motorcycle accidents happen,” said SignalWear CEO and Co-Founder Troy De Baca. “Since the rider’s gloves are higher than the turn-signals on the bike, the flashing is more in the line of vision for other drivers, providing added safety to motorcycle riders – especially when they’re navigating in a crowded, urban environment.”

De Baca came up with the gloves after being involved in an accident that left him afraid to ride. Since then, he’s been coming up with different ways for motorcyclists to be safer and more visible when they’re on the road – he reckons the SignalWear: “Can only make travelling on a motorcycle safer for the rider and other motorists, as well.”


The SignalWear is equipped with two features;

            The Lane Changer is manually activated by pressing thumb and forefinger together, and in short it’s a series of LED flashing lights that allows a rider to use recommended two wheels safety hand signals for right and left turns.

            The SignalBox is hardwired into a motorcycles indicator system, and allows both gloves and indicator to signal in unison.


 Currently SignalWear is running a Kickstarter campaign to get the clever new tech into the next phase of production – and you can get your hands on a pair if you commit to the project early, for under £100.

 De Baca has also said, that with enough funding, he can add additional features to the existing glove, including an upgrade which allows the SignalWear to be used in conjunction with a GPS App to help them navigate without having to look away from the road.

 For more information on SignalWear, click HERE – and to check out the Kickstarter campaign, click HERE.

This is the second glove mounted gadget that’s been sent to us in the last two weeks – the first was the TurnPoint, a Bluetooth-enabled GPS device that embeds into a specially made motorcycle glove, and connects to a smartphone app to provide turn-by-turn directions. If you want to have a look at the full article, click HERE.

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