Information about the exciting Isle of Man TT video game has started to trickle through – and with John McGuiness and Steve Mercer involved, expectations are running high.

Although the agreement was initially announced last year (accompanied by some early gameplay footage – below) we still know remarkably little about the new game which is expected to hit the market in Autumn this year. However, over the last few days, we’ve been sent some initial details about the game and a few thoughts from TT stalwarts John McGuiness and Steve Mercer, who are helping to test the game.

So, what do we know? Well, the project is being looked after by Kylotonn Games, a French company who’ve previously been involved in the development of the immensely successful World Rally Championship simulation title – and they’ve said that the game will replicate the TT race experience down to the smallest detail. That means mosquitoes crowning the front of your motorcycle, the slap on the shoulder before setting off, the pit stops and changes of light around the circuit, depending on the time of day or the way the sun hits the tarmac. Doesn’t it sound incredible?


When picking your steed to ride the Mountain Course, you’ll be able to choose from around thirty motorcycles, including the bikes available in the Superbike and Supersport categories. We’ve also been told to expect an almost perfect recreation of the machines and the course, with laser scanning technology used to analyse both course and bikes.

John McGuinness and Steve Mercer travelled to Douglas for a private demonstration of the new game. “I can use up to the same braking points I have on the actual circuit“, said Mercer. “It’s not just about pushing buttons; you can feel the bike, the tarmac. It is great for those who come to the TT for the first time and can use traffic signals or other elements such as braking points. ”


McGuiness took the time to underline how the developers have really nailed the course, as he followed exactly the same line as he would in real life. However, he did recommend a couple of changes to the developers, with one specific section of the course requiring a few tweaks.

Sadly, no new images or videos have been released to show the current incarnation of the game – but with McGuinness and Mercer involved in the development our expectations are running high!

Ross Mowbray

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