Former F1 world champ Lewis Hamilton has said that he wants to race in MotoGP, and that the F1 bosses shouldn’t stand in the way if a ride could be found.


Speaking out at the weekend’s Bahrain F1 GP, Hamilton said that he thought that the news that fellow F1 driver Fernando Alonso’s plans to go and race at the Indianapolis 500 (meaning that he will miss this year’s Monaco GP round) could act as an indication that current drivers in F1 can go and race in other championships as they want to – not least of all avid biker, Hamilton, getting out on a MotoGP bike in a race, were it to be allowed…

To be honest, that seems like a pretty big if, but British Superbikes could do with another rider (or ten) in the line up to drive up interest this season.


Hamilton said: “First of all, it’s great that a driver can do that, we should be allowed to race in another championship.

“Fernando is one of the best drivers in the world, he will be the best driver in the paddock at Indy, but he won’t have the most experience in that race so it will be interesting to see how he faces that race. 

“I would like to ride a MotoGP bike and I would like to take part in a Grand Prix race in MotoGP, I’d also like to take part in a NASCAR race such as the Daytona 500. There was a time when F1 drivers could go and take part in other championships and I think that this is a very good thing. If I could race in another championship then I would not miss a F1 race because I need to do them all to be able to fight for the crown.”


What do you reckon to this, could Hamilton make a mark in MotoGP or is this just wishful thinking from the former Champ? We’ve heard this sort of thing before but with Alonso’s recent ‘dipping out’ of F1 then perhaps there’s more chance of this actually happening this time… and if Hamilton can go that way then could Rossi go the other and find a guest drive in F1? Hmmmm


Tony Carter

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