Bosch Mobility Solutions has revealed its prototype vehicle-to-vehicle communication system – and the company reckon that its “digital protection shield” could prevent one-third of all motorcycle accidents.

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) is a relatively new technology that allows vehicles to communicate with each other. The technology could be extremely advantageous to motorcyclists, for whom visibility is often an issue. A V2V system on a motorcycle that communicates with V2V-equipped cars can send a notification saying something like, “there’s a motorcycle coming round this bend – don’t pull out.” Equally, the system can warn motorcyclists (through an in-helmet headset) of any upcoming hazards.


The new Bosch system works by using ITS G5 (or 5G) wireless communications (which is expected to be commercially available in the UK by 2020). Using the existing communications network ensures that the system can communicate with multiple types of existing and future V2V systems (not just other Bosch systems). However, with the Bosch system, parked and idling vehicles will also transmit data – which will surely help prevent accidents for both cars and bikes.

Interesting, every new 2017 Cadillac CTS sedan has been equipped with V2V. Each one is capable of communicating with other CTS sedans within a 1,000 feet radius. When one car comes across a hazard that requires hard braking, it can communicate that information to other cars, so the driver knows about the hazard before they see it. 

Ross Mowbray

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