Suzi Perry travels to Northern Ireland to meet three women who compete in the exhilarating sport of motorcycle road racing.

Suzi Perry is no stranger to the adrenaline-fuelled world of motor sport – she’s a familiar face across the international circuits of Formula One and Moto GP. However, motorcycle road racing is one form of motor sport that Suzi hasn’t encountered – until now.


Motorcycle road racing is massive in Northern Ireland. Riders compete at speeds of up to 200mph on narrow country roads, lined with hedges, walls and tress – roads that on any other day are used by normal traffic. In Suzi Perry’s Queens of the Road, Suzi travels to the Cookstown 100 road race in Northern Ireland to meet three women who compete in this incredible sport.

“It has been an incredible experience for me to come to an Irish road race, to see up-close this unique form of motor sport that I have heard so much about over the years – and to meet three of the women road racers,” says Suzi.

The women racers that Suzi meets in the course of the documentary are: Melissa Kennedy (from Co Fermanagh works alongside her father, who maintains her bikes), Veronika Hankocyová (who travelled from Prague and delayed her wedding to compete) and Yvonne Montomery (who’s in her late 50s, and got into road racing after her marriage ended ten years ago).


“These women may have different experiences and outlooks on life. But what unites them is their passion and commitment to this dangerous yet addictive sport. Meeting them at this race in Northern Ireland has been an extraordinary experience for me,” said Suzi.

“Road racing is a grassroots sport – dominated by amateur riders who risk everything to compete. It has a unique family atmosphere that has the ability to bring people of all ages together. To meet three very different women racers has given me an incredible insight into the sport and why people take part in it,” commented Suzi.


Suzi Perry’s Queens of the Road will be broadcast tonight, at 7.30pm on BBC One. It’s only half an hour long, so it’ll give you plenty of time to get across to ITV4 for 9.00pm, in time for today’s recap of the action from the Isle of Man TT.

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