Footage has emerged showing a huge bees nest filling a motorcycle helmet in Brazil – while the biker shouts in disbelief.

Filmed on a street in Brazil, a man is seen screaming in disbelief as a swarm of bees nest inside his motorcycle helmet. Passersby stop and stare in horror and traffic comes to a standstill as the insects descend.


At one point, a plucky onlooker decides to walk up to the terrifying nest of insects but immediately regrets it and backs off – and when the owner returns to his bike he is, understandably, horrified by what he is faced with.

In theory, it looks like this could be a pretty successful theft prevention technique.



MoreBikes top five bee related motorcycles and scooters

Honda Hornet


Bee-nelli Tornado

Bee-MW F800 GS (we know this one’s a stretch)

Suzuki TS125 Stinger

Wasp RT17 MX bike and sidecar

If you can think of anymore – comment below!

Ross Mowbray

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