It’s not a production bike – but it really should be. This is the Surf Racer, a one-off custom creation for Royal Enfield designed to show what can be done to the pretty simple donor bike.


It came about when Royal Enfield showed off two new ‘custom’ creations at the recent Wheels and Waves event in Biarritz – and the bikes have pretty much shot the next generation bikes in the foot because the two ‘project’ models it’s shown are so bang-on-the-money for what’s shifting in big numbers around the world. And it’s a long way from the likes of the upcoming GT750 Continental.

First up is the Continental GT Surf Racer. Built by Sinroja Motorcycles (that’s why the bike gets a large S on the rear of the petrol tank) the bike is a stock Conti with major changes to key bits like suspension and engine and a complete overhaul for the cosmetics.


The Surf Racer’s forks differ from the original machine’s units by changing to an upside down unit and the original’s twin rear shocks have been swapped for an under-engine monoshock.

17″ mag wheels replace the original spoked wheels and the bike gets lovely Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres. The brakes (note the petal discs) and clutch lever are Brembo upgrades, too.


Engine-wise the stock 535cc single-cylinder motor gets a higher lift cam, machined piston barrels for higher compression and a new inlet manifold. There’s a Dello’rto carb conversion and a super-sexy under-set ‘jet style’ exhaust.


So, in short, RE could make this bike right now for little cash. We love it. And want it.

Next up is the Royal Enfield Gentleman Brat. Again, built by Sinroja Motorcycles, this bike is based on the firm’s Himalayan adventure bike.

It gets 16 inch rims, new handlebars, fat whitewall tyres and raked exhaust chopped up behind the pared-down seat.

Tony Carter

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