Saint has just unveiled its brand new Unbreakable range, the worlds first single layer protection for motorcyclists.

 Saint’s Unbreakable clothing line is created by stretching and blending industrial and military Dyneema fibres with merino and cotton. If you’ve not heard of Dyneema fibre technology before – it’s used by the UK and USA military for both personal and vehicle armour, and is woven through Carbon Fibre to further increase strength, resistance and durability. 


 Saint has created a video to showcase the ‘Unbreakable’ material withstanding a range of abuse, from a belt sander to a knife. 

Saint said: “We are passionate about our motorbikes but tired of compromising looks for safety, or safety for fashion. Saint apparel delivers great freedom and form, with world first single layer protection. With no bulky layers or liners, we provide the very best in strength and impact abrasion resistant denim, while maintaining a classic style.”


The denim offers (pretty much) the same protection as leather, offering about 3.7 seconds of abrasion resistance – while being cooler, lighter and more flexible than current denim-based bike jeans. The Model 1 range features 66% blended Dyneema fibres on all impact zones, and a 10% blend through the rest of the item, ensuring protection when (and where) you need it most. It’s been thoroughly tested too, proving its 360º torsional strength while meeting European CE standards.

 Saint isn’t stopping there though – it’s hard at work, further developing this innovative blend of materials – and plans to include a nano-spherical finishto make the denim water-repellent, to further improve the stretch of the material, and to increase the use of Dyneema by up to 30%.

 For more information about the Unbreakable range, click HERE.


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