Diners at a restaurant in Kentucky got a surprise when film star Channing Tatum swung by for breakfast, while promoting his latest film, Lucky Logan’, and gave his Harley to a cook on her birthday.

Tatum is working his way across the country promoting “Logan Lucky,” which opens in cinemas later this month. Last week, Tatum posted a video on his Instagram page explaining that he wanted to do something different to promote the film. He was vague on the details, saying only, “I have some sponsors that might have given me giant garbage bags of cash that I might do fun stuff with.”


Sarah Smith, the assistant manager at Windy Corner, said that when she arrived at the restaurant around 8 a.m. there were a lot of vans in the parking lot. Someone from the production crew knocked on the window, wanting to know if they could film Tatum there as part of a promotion for a film. After checking with Windy Corner’s owners, Smith gave them the green light.

 “He walked in, and he was just an average guy. He was so nice,” Smith said. “Our diners were flipping out.” He took photos with customers and chatted with teenager girls, who were teary-eyed and tongue-tied, Smith said.


Then someone in the production crew heard that it was Pittman’s birthday. “They sang me happy birthday,” Victoria Pittman said. “Then they told me we had to go outside.” Outside, Tatum gave her keys to his Harley Davidson motorcycle – which he had also signed. “For about 10 minutes, I kept asking people if I was having like a schizophrenic delusion,” Pittman said. “I thought I was getting punked.”

The Harley Davidson dealership in Lexington has told her that she can keep the Tatum-signed bike or, if she prefers, pick out a different bike. They’ve also offered to teach her how to ride a motorcycle, as she’s never been on one .

Ross Mowbray

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