Renthal goes above and beyond with clip-on handlebar recall

Renthal has announced a worldwide recall of two models of its Clip-on Handlebars as part of its commitment to customer safety. It’s a brilliant bit of customer service, showing Renthal going above and beyond to ensure their customers safety. Don’t panic though; Renthal has only received 22 reports of cracking, with no injuries reported so far.  

Renthal has identified the potential of ‘Stress Corrosion Cracking’ in two models (Gen 1 and Gen 2 versions) of its Clip-on Handlebars. Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is basically a corrosion attack which can occur as a result of simultaneous mechanical “tensile” stresses and a corrosive environment. The latest generation of Clip-On clamps are made from a different grade of material which offers superior resistance to SCC and allows the clamps to exceed Renthal’s new generation tests and requirements.


This commitment to safety and customer satisfaction reflects the long-standing principles of this British company, founded in 1969. And with 193 World Titles (and counting), Renthal has always been at the forefront of R&D and innovative technology.

Rees Williams, Renthal Commercial Director, commented, “We are committed to informing as many of our customers as possible of this recall, whilst making it as easy as possible for them to return and receive new products. Renthal has a strong reputation for high quality and customer service, two attributes we feel are in line with this self-instigated recall.”


Customers are encouraged to send in their Clip-On’s and handlebars to be supplied a new Clip-On Handlebar set, complete with grips. Renthal has created dedicated Web pages to the Recall, with customer information on identifying the relevant specific products, a comprehensive FAQ page and crucial information on returning the handlebars. The easy to use system features postage free collection and delivery. To access the Recall area, click HERE



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