Confederate Motors has announced that it will clear the last of its current production line, before beginning development of an electric motorcycle with Californian electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero.

That’s not all, Confederate Motors is moving away from its controversial namesake, in the wake of the recent riots in Charlottesville over a Confederate monument – rebranding as Curtiss Motorcycles, after multiple motorcycle speed record holder and aviator Glenn Curtiss.


President Matt Chambers revealed that there is little scope for Confederate to continue developing motorcycles with internal combustion engines – and is changing direction as a result. And, judging by its $135,000 Confederate P51 Combat Fighter, it’s pretty clear that the company has taken petrol-powered motorcycles further than most. The company still has 22 petrol-powered motorcycles left to sell.

A Confederate (or rather Curtiss) electric motorcycle is undoubtebly an intriguing prospect. The new electric ‘Hercules’ cruiser will employ twin electric motors from Zero. The motors will output an estimated 177 PS of peak power and a maximum torque of 393 Nm. According to Chambers, the bike will likely be made at Zero Electric’s California production plant – and we can’t wait to see it.

Ross Mowbray

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