Full-time vet and part-time engineer, Alan Cross has created an otherworldly one-off skeletal electric motorcycle, called the ExoDyne.

Throughout his career, Cross has spent his weekends and evenings creating all manner of gadgets, gizmos and vehicles, from electric trikes to steam punk floor lamps. His latest project, the ExoDyne, took 9 months of research, design, and fabrication work to complete, and he did it all by himself – except for the seat upholstery and powdercoating.


The ExoDyne is based around a hand-built centre box frame, which holds 48 lithium polymer battery cells arranged in a 100V 32 Ah configuration – which is capable of a 600 A output but has been restricted to 200 A. Lithium-ion polymer batteries typically provide higher energy outputs than other lithium batteries, while being much lighter – the perfect solution for an electric motorcycle.

Power comes from an 11 kW (30 kW peak) motor from EnerTrac, using a Sevcon Gen 4 motor controller, helping the ExoDyne reach a top speed of around 60 mph, with a limited range of 20 miles, in its current configuration.


To keep the kerb weight down (to 112kg) Cross has used titanium and aluminium from ProBolt, and carbon fibre where possible. There’s a small CycleAnalyst heads up display to show mph, amps, total discharge, and other essential information. The front forks were sourced from a 2005 Suzuki RMZ 250 and the headstock and rear swing arm have been pulled from a 1995 Suzuki RM 125. The wheels are from Warp 9, while there’s a Brembo brake up front, with a Suzuki brake in the rear.

According to Silodrome.com (who had the story first) the bike is being sold to fund Cross’s next project. If you’re interested, click HERE to check out the original story and find out how to get in touch.

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