So you’ve had a Harley-Davidson for a while now… getting a bit bored of it, not entirely sure what to do with the bike. You’d fit a bit of aftermarket kit if it was pretty straightforward and made the bike look different – so what do you do?


How about turning you Harley into a massive quad? Of some sort of huge three-wheeler?

If that’s been your fantasy motorcycle (?!) then boy, are you in luck. A firm by the name of QTec has developed a host of kits that, they say, bolt straight on to a Harley motorcycle without the need for any cutting or welding.


And, no matter what you might think of how the outcome may look, the results are pretty spectacular.

Sandy Poglavec, the owner of Poechy’s Classics which is a Belgian custom shop that’s been running for more than two decades, teamed up with friend Erick to create QTec Engineering. The pair set about developing the three and four-wheeled kits that use Harleys as a base to bolt things on to.


QTec says that it’ll take just a day for the Harley Quad parts to be bolted to the core motorcycle and – because there’s no cutting or welding needed – it’s just as easy to take the parts off and put your giant quad back to single bike spec. If you want a kit then the start price is around £30,000.

Tony Carter

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