TCX Rush Boots

RRP: £99.99 // Sizes: 6.5-13.5 UK // Colours: Black/Red, Black/Yellow

Tested by: Mau Spencer


Motorcycle footwear might well be functional, but it’s not always known for being stylish – until now. Italian company, TCX, have come up with a stylish ‘sneaker-type’ design which also offers comfort and some protective reinforcement for the user. These boots are part of the TCX ‘Urban’ range, so they aren’t designed to offer full-on armoured protection; they are aimed at the more casual user who likes a bit of flair to their riding apparel – and in that respect, they certainly look the part. The reinforcement used is fitted to the toe, ankle and heel areas; it is CE certified to meet the new EN 13634:2015 regulations.

From a construction perspective, the boot upper is made from various materials, including matt soft-touch micro-fibre combined with suede leather gear shift pad. The internal lining is claimed to be waterproof (and given that it rained all day whilst I was out on the road, my feet remained dry at all times).


The boot is fastened using a classic lacing system, coupled to a Velcro band with micro-injections for easy opening, so they are quick and easy to put on. Wearing them for the first time, I half expected to experience some form of discomfort (as quite often happens with something new), but this wasn’t to be the case; and it was if they had been tailored specifically to fit my feet – the sizing was spot on. I particularly liked the way the boot is cut away at the back to help avoid any ankle skin chafing that might occur due to frequent ‘up and down’ gear changing whilst out on the road. And walking around in them when off the bike, they felt as supple and flexible to wear, almost to the point that it would be easy to forget they aren’t actually trainers. I could – and did – walk around in them all day.

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