A new Amazon patent could be set to fix the issue with electric powered travel by delivering essential power by DRONE to wherever you need it.

The patent filed by the mega-company only features the plan for cars, but there is no reason why the technology couldn’t be transferred to the electric motorcycle powerplant too.


The idea is that a drone can be sent to land on the electric car (currently…) and give it a boost of charge to up the range.

By going onto the Amazon app, you will be able to buy a certain amount of charge. Amazon plans that it will then deploy a drone that will be able to locate you after you place your order. Once the done arrives it will land on the vehicle, where the docking mechanism would be.


Once the ‘fuel’ is delivered into the vehicle the drone, which will have a range of around 30 miles from the depot, will then disconnect and return to base.

There are teething problems with the concept, however. The weight of the battery that would be needed to carry enough energy means it will have to remain a concept for now.

By Ben Ayres

Tony Carter

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