Triumph Motorcycles has launched the brand new 2018 Tiger 1200 XC and XR line-up, here’s the run-down on the models across the new Tiger family range:
• Significantly lighter
o Up to 10kg lighter than the previous generation
o Weight savings achieved across the engine, chassis and exhaust components
o Up to 100 improvements per motorcycle over the previous gerenation.
o Delivering improved manoeuvrability and better off-road agility and handling.
o Significant engine upgrade for more immediate power delivery and feel, enhanced rider
ergonomics and comfort.
o New Adaptive Cornering Lighting
o New Adjustable full colour TFT Instruments
o New All-LED lighting
o New “Off Road Pro” riding mode, with a choice of up to six riding modes
o New Illuminated, ergonomically-designed backlit switchgear
o New Triumph Shift Assist for clutchless gear changes, both up and down the gearbox
o New Keyless ignition
o New Updated cruise control
o New premium bodywork
o New cast and spoked wheels
o New metallised tank badge and side panels
o New contemporary graphics
o New colours.

Paul Stroud, Chief Commercial Officer for Triumph Motorcycles said; “The new Tiger
1200 range is so advanced it has taken a full four years to develop, and today we’re proud to launch a family of motorcycles that altogether boasts significant class-leading engine characteristics, rider-focused technological innovations and premium styling; all in the name of first-class riding enjoyment. These are by far the most adventure-ready Tigers ever built.”
“The new Tiger 1200 range sees a substantial weight reduction of 10kg compared to the previous generation thanks to a range of developments across the engine, chassis and exhaust.The result is an engine with a high first major service interval of 10,000miles (16,000 km).

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Technological advancements

Both XR & XC models include all-new innovative Triumph Adaptive Cornering Lighting for active enhanced visibility when cornering, updated cruise control, new adjustable full-colour TFT display screen, all-new LED lighting, new ergonomically sculpted backlit switchgear and heated grip function, new Triumph Shift Assist for smooth clutchless changes up and down the gearbox, rider-friendly keyless ignition on higher spec models, and an all-new ‘Off-Road Pro’ riding mode on the XC models.

The new Tiger also gets high specification Brembo brakes, adjustable WP suspension controlled by Triumph’s Semi-Active Suspension technology, a two-position seat height (835-855 mm), adjustable by 20mm to suit riding style and terrain, and a Low Ride Height XRx model variant that at 815-835 mm is 20mm lower than the standard seat.