Video: Eskil Suter ragging the Suter MMX 500c two-stroke around Jerez

Eskil Suter has been participating in the Jerez Moto2 tests with his 2-stroke Suter 500 – and here’s a short video of his exploits.

Last week, Eskil Suter took to the track with his Suter MMX 500 with a couple of GoPro cameras strapped to his bike. And, to make it even more exciting, Ian Wheeler has uploaded the footage in 50 frames per second.


As you’d expect, 50 year-old Suter struggled to keep up with the guys from Moto2 – and found himself six seconds off the best times in the 600cc category. But, with a top level rider on-board, it’d be interesting to see if the Suter MMX 500 could keep up. Regardless, enjoy the fantastic footage of the man himself blasting around the Andalusian circuit, and savour the glorious two-stroke soundtrack of the Suter MMX 500.

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