RRP: £99.99 // Colours: Black // Sizes 30” – 42”

Tested by: Ross Mowbray

Despite naysayers suggesting that leather is the only way to stay properly safe of the road, personally, I’m partial to a pair of bike jeans. I love the versatility and generally wear them day-to-day, on and off the bike – and over the last few months, I’ve been wearing my pair of RST’s Aramid Wax II 2205 jeans pretty much non-stop.


Now, I do recognise that the level of protection offered by motorcycling jeans can sometimes struggle to compare to leather – but these RST Aramid Wax II 2205 jeans are a technologically advanced piece of kit, employing Aramid lining across the knees and rear to help you keep safe in the result of a slide. If you’ve not heard of Aramid material, it’s the same material used in bullet proof vests and has high abrasion and cut resistance, while still remaining supple and soft. It’s perfect for use in this type of fashion-oriented riding jean – and I have to say, these jeans are really comfortable, if not a little on the thick side.

They are thick for a reason though, as they’ve been impregnated with wax to help make them waterproof. In practice, that means they’re capable of keep you dry in a downpour, to which I can testify – but in the very worst of downpours, then they’re going to soak some of that water up – even if it doesn’t quite make it all the way through the denim and aramid lining. It’s worth mentioning that they don’t really look that waxy – in fact, they look just like a normal pair of jeans (sans wax).


Back to their ability to keep you safe, and complimenting the Aramid lining are CE level 1 knee protectors. The Contour Plus CE knee armour fits in an adjustable pocket, allowing you to get the armour in the right place really easily, no matter your leg shape. They also come equipped with removable pockets for an optional Contour Plus CE hip armour upgrade – which I would wholeheartedly recommend. Of course, once the armour is in you’ll have a little bit of a bulge on the knees and hips – but if you wanted to, it’s straightforward enough to whip the armour out (providing you can go somewhere private to drop your trousers, of course).

Ultimately, the RST Wax Aramid II 2205 jeans are well-equipped, stylish and reasonably priced – and if you’re planning to take the plunge and buy some new denim that’ll stand you in good stead all year round, I’d definitely encourage you to take a look at the range of RST wax jeans.

For more information, visit: www.moto-direct.co.uk





Ross Mowbray

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